Your Resin Bound Driveway Specialist in Nottinghamshire

We are proud to announce that we are fully qualified resin bound installers in both overlay and complete installations, with our City & Guilds accreditation you can rest assured that we carry out all our work to industry standards.

As an alternative to traditional driveway surfaces such as tarmac or block paving, resin bound surfacing provides you with a low maintenance driveway that is environmentally friendly looking as good in 15 years time as it did the day it was installed.

Why Choose a Resin Bound Surface?

Unlike other materials resin bound can be installed over existing concrete or tarmac surfaces and as many properties across Nottingham and Lincoln already have concrete or asphalt surfaces that are structurally sound but ascetically are not pleasing, with this option it makes a more attractive driveway surface more affordable than ever.

There are few materials that will look a million dollars in 15 years time, resin bound has been proved to last at least 15 years which will substantially add value to your property.

A complete installation will be fully SuDS Compliant (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) which is a fully porous solution, meaning there is no flood risk, no standing water puddles known as ponding, all surface water dissipates through the porous resin surface through the base layer of open textured asphalt also porous, all the way through the porous sub-base of MOT Type 3 or Type 1x reduced fines down to the sub-grade where it then makes its way filtering through the ground back into the water table in the most eco-friendly way possible.








Other Uses:

  • Patio Surfaces

  • Pathways & Garden Pathways 

  • Car Parking

  • Swimming Pool Surrounds

  • Disabled Access Ramps

  • Large Open Spaces

Whats the difference between Resin Bound and Resin Bonded?

Resin bound involves the use of a force action mixer, a typical cement mixer will not do, where each individual aggregate stone is fully coated with a high quality resin, due to the variation is sizes of the aggregates say a 1-3mm and a 2-5mm bound together this creates small voids which results in the surface being completely porous, allowing water to drain through freely.

Resin bound is the big brother of resin bonded, it is the premium version and for good reason, it will outlast its inferior brother for many years.

Its important for you the customer to understand the difference between the two so that you do not end up paying a premium for a resin bound installation and getting a resin bonded surface as some contractors have done in the past.

Resin bonded also known as 'scatter coat' is just how the nickname implies, it involves applying a polyurethane resin directly onto an existing flat solid surface and then scattering the aggregate on top of the uncured sticky resin by hand, once a uniform coverage has been completed the surface is then left to cure sometimes overnight.


Any aggregate that has not bonded itself to the surface is then swept up. 

This is a cheaper inferior option to the resin bound surface, as time goes by more and more aggregate becomes loose and provides for a temporary driveway solution, for these reasons we do not offer resin bonded as a surface.

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